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The Cricket World Cup stands as one of the most viewed sporting events globally, capturing the attention of over a billion fans. Held every four years, it represents a pinnacle moment when cricket enthusiasts are most engaged and passionate. It’s an unparalleled opportunity for brands to connect with devoted audiences worldwide.


The 2023 World Cup was set to break new records, with host country India ensuring viewership would soar. Matches would be broadcast to hundreds of millions of households. As a brand, Zomato knew that all eyes would be watching.


With, Zomato capitalized on the immense potential for personalized advertising during the tournament. With advanced video AI capabilities, enabled Zomato to speak to viewers – literally.

The Partnership


Founded in 2021 by Suvrat Bhooshan, leverages generative AI to offer video personalization at scale.’s technology enables brands to personalize ads to reflect individual viewer data points and preferences. With seamless voice and lip synchronization, can produce millions of unique personalized video copies, all from a single recording.

About Zomato

Since its start in 2008, Zomato has rapidly become a food tech leader through constant innovation. The company expanded across India, bringing restaurant discovery to major cities. A few years later, Zomato went international, launching in the UAE, UK, and other markets. This ambitious growth led to major acquisitions, gaining Zomato a foothold in the US and Australia. Zomato soon cemented itself as a food delivery disruptor in India, while also moving into table bookings and restaurant tech.

As a forward-thinking food tech disruptor, they saw overlaps with‘s personalization vision. Through partnerships, Zomato knew it could leverage technology to engage customers and connect them with hyper-relevant food delivery options. Our solutions represented a way to drive personalized discovery through innovation.

The Ad Concept

In the ad, Ranveer Singh and Chris Gayle are hanging out before a World Cup match. Ranveer asks Chris if he’s “zomatoed” yet – aka ordered food delivery for the game. When Chris says he hasn’t, Ranveer suggests ordering something.


“How about some [food item]?”

Chris responds: “From where?”

Ranveer replies: “From [restaurant name]!”


Ranveer then opens up the Zomato app on his phone and adds the suggested personalized menu item from the mentioned local restaurant to his cart.

Over 5000 Partnered Restaurants

This is where‘s AI technology springs into action. Based on the ad viewer’s location, our platform seamlessly inserts a localized restaurant name and dish into Ranveer’s recommendation.


The result is a hyper-relevant suggestion personalized to each viewer’s neighborhood favorites. The magic lies in changing Ranveer’s voice and lip movements perfectly to match the personalized order suggestion.


For example, someone in Mumbai might see this exchange:

Ranveer: “How about some Sev Puri?”

Chris: “From where?”

Ranveer: “From Swati Snacks!”


While someone in Kolkata sees:

Ranveer: “How about some Chicken Marakesh?”

Chris: “From where?”

Ranveer: “From Peter Cat!”


The result is an ad experience that feels handcrafted for each user. Ranveer may as well be recommending the viewer their own go-to order.

Ad Production

Filming the Master Template

In set, Ranveer filmed the main ad normally with no blanks. For the personalized portions mentioning the food item and restaurant name, the camera zoomed in on just Ranveer as he read the common script.


Additionally, he recorded a simple 2-minute training footage in the same setting. This supplemental video enabled‘s AI models to learn Ranveer’s facial cues for lip movements and pronunciation for voice. Which enabled seamless personalization.


Chris just had to film the main ad normally, as no part of his dialogue needed to be personalized. The natural back-and-forth with Ranveer could stand as is.

Post-Production Personalization

Bringing everything into the platform, our machine learning and AI models went to work.


All the necessary food item and restaurant data was imported from Zomato.


Our technology seamlessly matched the voice and lip movements to produce thousands of personalized copies, each with a different food item and paired restaurant being spoken. The generated videos were then distributed to the selected restaurants.

Launching the Local Campaign

Based on each restaurant’s digital presence, they could share their unique personalized ad on their social media profiles. From there, the restaurant-specific version of the ad was seen by that restaurant’s existing audience and followers.


Viewers across India saw the same ad but with Ranveer Singh mentioning food items and restaurants present in their location. The result was thousands of uniquely personalized ads.

Premiering on World Cup's Biggest Stage

Zomato strategically unveiled the campaign to align with the World Cup’s opening. Targeted pre-roll ads appeared across OTT, social media, and digital platforms as matches streamed worldwide.


On the biggest stage,‘s technology enabled Zomato to speak to food lovers everywhere.

Tracking Performance

Key metrics restaurants monitored to gauge campaign impact included:

  • Social engagement and shares

  • App visits

  • Online orders and revenue

  • Social media followers

Overwhelmingly Positive Reception

From the outset, the reception to the campaign was overwhelmingly positive. Customers were delighted to see their favorite local restaurants featured. Many eagerly shared the clips to spread the word.


The named establishments benefited from the exposure and promotion. They capitalized on their moment in the spotlight, driving real business impact. Participating restaurants reported significant lifts in orders and revenue while the ads were active.


For Zomato’s partners, the campaign exceeded expectations. The tailored messaging directly translated into orders and revenue.

Conclusions And Future Outlook​

This World Cup campaign highlighted how personalized advertising can connect brands with target customers seamlessly. The combined strengths of‘s AI video personalization and Zomato’s creative vision created something special.


We are constantly improving our machine-learning models and capabilities. Our goal is to achieve such natural personalization that each ad interaction feels completely organic.


For Zomato, restaurants, and other clients, these innovations open endless possibilities. Genuinely customized messaging will be crucial for customer acquisition and retention going forward.

By Tejas Shahasane

I'm a content marketer fueled by a fascination with AI and the opportunities it unlocks. You can catch me saying "lights out and away we go!" almost every weekend.

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