How Vivo Leveraged and Virat Kohli for a Record-Breaking V27 Launch

In the crowded and noisy smartphone industry, meaningful customer engagement is everything. Brands must find innovative ways to connect personally with consumers to drive interest and sales around major product launches.


This was the challenge facing Vivo when preparing to unveil their flagship V27 Series. How could they stand out from the endless clutter and product fatigue on consumers’ feeds daily?


The answer was an industry-first hyper-personalized celebrity endorsement campaign powered by AI. Partnering with, Vivo leveraged AI technology and their star ambassador Virat Kohli to completely transform the traditional product launch.


Through AI-generated personalized video messages of Virat himself, Vivo was able to engage, excite, and empower customers, retailers, and promoters at scale. The results were nothing short of phenomenal, with records shattered across all key metrics.


In this comprehensive case study, we’ll break down how‘s AI video personalization enabled Vivo to unlock unprecedented value from its celebrity partnership. We’ll reveal how tailored video content can be strategically leveraged across the entire sales funnel and all core stakeholder groups.


By combining human creativity and technological innovation, Vivo created a buzzworthy and wildly successful launch that offers key insights for modern marketing.

The Challenge: Launching in a Highly Competitive Market

The smartphone industry is fiercely cutthroat. Countless manufacturers compete for consumer attention, trying to promote new feature-rich models on a nearly monthly basis.


This constant product churn combined with nonstop digital noise makes standing out increasingly difficult. Generic ads simply don’t work anymore. Flagship launches from major brands require truly creative strategies to generate buzz.


Vivo was facing precisely this problem as they prepared to unveil the V27 Series – their most premium phone lineup ever. As a leader in camera technology and innovation, Vivo wanted the V27 launch to be their biggest yet.


But they knew they couldn’t rely on traditional ads alone. With so many similar devices flooding the market, bold ideas were needed. How could Vivo tap its strengths to engage and excite customers in a crowded field?


Adding to the challenge was the need to motivate and empower Vivo’s vast network of over 20,000 retailers and promoters. As the lifeblood of sales, getting these partners invested and activated was crucial for launch success.


Vivo had to figure out how to simultaneously generate consumer excitement while also enabling personalized retailer and promoter engagement at scale. This seemed impossible using standard marketing tactics.

The Untapped Potential: Maximizing a Celebrity Asset

Vivo possessed a significant brand asset that was yet to be fully leveraged: cricket superstar and celebrity icon Virat Kohli as their ambassador.


Virat’s mass appeal, especially among young demographics aligned with Vivo’s target audience. He had starring roles in previous Vivo ad campaigns.


However, the traditional celebrity ad model had limitations:


  • Generic endorsement lacking personalization

  • One-way communication with passive viewership

  • Single ad format unable to showcase various features

  • Static creative is restricted to a single campaign or phrase

Vivo knew Virat had untapped potential as an ambassador. But how could they use him to forge deeper connections beyond a conventional ad?

That’s when Vivo discovered and the immense possibilities of AI-powered video personalization. They realized Virat could speak to each customer, retailer, and promoter one-on-one using tailored video messages generated at scale.

This hyper-personalized celebrity endorsement represented the innovative and bold launch strategy Vivo needed. The challenge was how to orchestrate it most effectively.

The Strategy: Personalized Video for Every Stage and Stakeholder

Together, Vivo and devised an integrated strategy harnessing their strengths:


  • Vivo’s celebrity asset in Virat Kohli

  •‘s AI ability to generate unlimited high-quality personalized videos


They would combine these elements to engage the core personas across every step of the launch:

Vivo Virat Kohli personalized ad - Testimonial

Phase 1: Retailer Activation Pre-Launch

The priority was getting Vivo’s 20,000+ local retailers excited and ready to promote the V27. This required establishing the phone’s credibility and value.


So the first video showcased Virat Kohli directly endorsing retailers by name. He called on viewers to engage with the store in anticipation of the upcoming V27 launch.


This video was distributed to retailers’ contact lists to showcase Virat’s endorsement, prime existing clients, and build retailer credibility. Virat’s celebrity influence established strong pre-launch momentum.

Phase 2: Hyper-Personalized Promoter Outreach During Launch

The launch required engaging niche prospects at scale. So Vivo leveraged their army of promoters known as VBAs.


The second video featured Virat highlighting V27’s key features and benefits tailored to each viewer’s needs. These videos were hyper-personalized for over 20,000 promoters to share with their unique contacts via social media.


If a prospect valued photography, Virat touted the camera. For consumers who prioritized design, Virat emphasized style and colors. Gamers heard about power and performance.


This one-to-one matching combined Virat’s credibility with customization to help promoters activate their networks.

The videos also included a direct congratulatory message from Virat to each promoter by name. This thrilled them while helping prospects identify promoters as VIP brand insiders.

Phase 3: Converting High-Potential Leads Post-Launch

The third video aimed to convert leads who showed interest but hadn’t yet purchased. Virat directly addressed these warm prospects, telling them to buy from their local retailer now.


These personalized calls-to-actions targeted consumers most likely to respond. Virat’s familiar encouragement nudged them to convert.


In total, there were 3 strategically staged videos mapped to different objectives and personas across the launch timeline:


  1. Pre-launch: Retailer endorsement videos

  2. Launch: Promoter outreach videos

  3. Post-launch: Customer conversion videos


This phased rollout enabled Vivo to engage partners, nurture prospects, and capture sales at each key stage using tailored video content.

The Production Process: Simple Shoot + AI Magic

To power, such an ambitious campaign required tapping the strengths of both Vivo’s creative team and‘s technology.


The production process was designed to be simple and efficient by splitting responsibilities:

1. Video Shoot

Vivo’s production team shot 3 generic 30-second video templates featuring Virat Kohli in the same setting. The scripts included:


  1. Virat endorsing the retailer

  2. Virat highlighting V27 features

  3. Virat telling viewers to purchase from the retailer


These base video assets formed the foundation for mass customization.

2. AI Training

To enable realistic personalization, Virat also provided supplementary footage of him reading a training script


This extra 2 minutes of Virat training footage allowed‘s AI models to analyze his vocal tones, mannerisms, and facial expressions.

3. Customer Data Inputs

Vivo provided with data points for personalization including customer and retailer names, retailer locations, interests, and promo details.

4. AI Video Generation

Leveraging the training data and custom inputs,‘s platform used advanced AI models to generate 60,000+ personalized videos tailored to each recipient.


The AI smoothly compiled together Virat’s footage to create and seamlessly match his voice and lip movements to every unique personalized version.


With only 2 minutes of extra filming, the generated output was a hyper-realistic video of Virat personally addressing each viewer.

5. Video Distribution​

The final videos were distributed by Vivo’s retail heads at scale across SMS, email, social media, and more based on the intended viewer and campaign phase.


This assembly line approach minimized production work while enabling vast personalization through AI.

The Results: Records Shattered Across All Metrics

The multi-phased personalized video campaign produced remarkable results, exceeding all expectations:

Vivo Virat Kohli personalized ad - Metrics

The strategic use of AI-powered video personalization allowed Vivo to engage and activate partners while also creating emotional connections with customers. Unlocking the advantages of having a celebrity ambassador through technology yielded results across the board.

Key Takeaways and Lessons

This campaign provides several best practice insights for future marketing efforts:


  • Leverage celebrity endorsement in more impactful ways. Personalized video delivers higher ROI than generic ads.

  • Map video content strategies to the sales funnel. Tailor messaging and engagement to each stage and persona.

  • Let AI handle personalization at scale. The only way to do this efficiently is with AI


The Road Ahead

Vivo’s record-breaking product launch demonstrated the immense power of personalized video engagement. As they proved, human creativity combined with technological innovation can produce magic.


Moving forward, companies must continue exploring new applications of technology to deepen human connections in a crowded digital world. The future belongs to brands that embrace personalization and view technology as an enabler of creativity, not a replacement for it. As AI capabilities rapidly advance, there is no limit to how solutions like can be applied to engage consumers and partners.

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