7 Examples of How Mortage Agents Can Stand Out Using Personalized Video

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A McKinsey study finds that mortgage borrowers rated “exceptional customer experience” to be as critical as getting the “best rate”. Another survey by Gallup found that only 22% of buyers are fully engaged with mortgage lenders. 


In a commoditized industry, that differentiated experience is invaluable. The mortgage journey is complex, and personalized video communication helps borrowers feel guided by a trusted advisor every step of the way.


It allows mortgage agents and load officers to create an experience that makes each home buyer feel like a VIP client. 


Thus, agents not only see an increase in engagement but also an increase in the sense of transparency in the mind of a borrower. 


By leveraging video personalization at scale platforms like, savvy mortgage professionals can easily create tailored video touchpoints that resonate with today’s borrowers. Below are some key benefits of engaging borrowers with personalized videos:  

– More contracts signed from higher converting prospecting

– Improved pull-through rates by keeping borrowers informed

– Better adherence to document and timeline requirements

– Increased word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business

– Higher customer satisfaction scores improving online reputation

Gan.AI empowers mortgage agents to automatically generate millions of unique, AI-powered video variants based on a single recorded clip.


This allows mortgage agents and load officers to effortlessly deliver hyper-personalized video communication at every stage of the home-buying journey.

Here are 7 powerful use cases for mortgage agents to deploy personalized video:

1. Prospecting Outreach

Break through inbox noise by sending warm promotional videos tailored to each prospect’s name, location, loan needs, and more.

Video Script Example: Hi Amanda! I know you’re just starting your home search here in Denver. As a local mortgage expert, I put together this quick personalized video walking through some tips for first-time buyers in our area’s competitive spring market”  

2. Loan Consultations

Enhance transparency by providing personalized videos summarizing each borrower’s specific loan details, monthly costs, and approval factors.

Video Script Example: “Hi Matt, thanks again for your application. Here’s a quick recap video detailing the 30-year conventional loan amount, interest rate, and monthly principal and interest payment I’ve put together based on your $625,000 home purchase price and down payment…”

3. Application Follow-Ups

Gently nudge borrowers to complete outstanding application tasks through personalized video reminders highlighting their unique next steps required.  

Video Script Example: “Hi Robin, thanks for getting your loan application started! I wanted to send over this quick personalized video as a friendly reminder that I still need your latest W2s and paycheck stubs uploaded to complete file processing. Once I have those documents, I can get your file over to underwriting right away. Please let me know if you have any other questions!”

4. Approval Celebrations

Share the exciting approval news through celebratory personalized video messages tailored to each borrower’s specific loan details. 

Video Script Example: “Congratulations Amanda!! I’m so excited to share in this personalized video that your loan has been fully approved at 4.75% on a 30-year fixed mortgage for that beautiful Denver rowhome you had your heart set on…”

5. Process Updates

Provide proactive transparency with personalized videos updating borrowers on their loan’s current status, upcoming milestones, and any action items.

Video Script Example: “Hi Michael, your loan file is now proceeding to the final underwriting stage! Here’s a quick personalized video overview of what that process entails and the remaining items I’ll still need from you like that homeowners insurance quote. The underwriter will perform a full review of your income, credit, assets and property details over the next 5-7 business days. I’ll circle back with you as soon as they complete their analysis and issuance..”  

6. Referral Requests

Motivate satisfied borrowers to share referrals by sending thoughtful personalized video testimonial requests and incentive offers. 

Video Script Example: “Hi Karen, I sure appreciate you trusting me as your mortgage advisor through this whole home-buying process. If you had an awesome experience, it would mean so much if you could record a quick personalized video testimonial about your journey…”

7. Closing Gifts

Surprise borrowers post-closing with personalized video housewarming and thank you messages. Create memorable moments.

Video Script Example: “Wow Amanda, I still can’t believe you’re a new Denver homeowner! I’m so thrilled I could be part of this journey with you. Here’s a personalized housewarming video celebrating this new chapter and thanking you for your trust every step of the way…”

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