Revolutionizing University Admissions with Video Personalization at Scale

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University admissions is one of the most competitive segments grappling with a decrease in enrollment rates YoY and an increase in competition from tech and their old peers.


To top it off, almost all the universities still follow the outdated “Three and A Tree” framework to attract Gen Z students.


Students receive countless generic recruitment messages from multiple institutions with the same messaging theme. Result: it all gets lost in the sea of sameness.


This makes it hard for institutions to capture students’ attention and convey their unique value proposition. On the other hand, standing out and creating a lasting impact is paramount to capture Genzers’ attention.


This is where video personalization at scale platforms like Gan.AI offer a game-changing solution for university admissions departments for their outreach and engagement strategies.


University admissions departments can create millions of personalized videos tailored to each prospective student’s unique background, interests, and aspirations. 


Such customized messages captivate the GenZ audience which craves personalization.  Also, it demonstrates an understanding of their individual needs, fostering a stronger connection and increasing the chances of successful enrollment.


Below I’ve shared 7 video personalization use cases for universities to consider. To make things easier, I’ve shared an example of a script for each use case as well. 

Use Case 1: Personalized Recruitment Videos

Cutting the clutter of generic recruitment messages is first challenge for university admissions departments to conquer. A video personalization platform can help admissions teams create highly engaging and personalized recruitment videos that directly address each prospective student’s unique interests, academic achievements, and career goals.


These videos can showcase how the institution’s programs, resources, and campus experience align with the student’s aspirations, creating a compelling narrative.

Video Script Example:


Hi [Prospective Student Name], I’m [Your Name] from the admissions team at [University Name]


As a prospective [Program of Interest] student with a passion for [Specific Interest/Achievement], I wanted to share this personalized video highlighting how our institution can help you excel in [Area of Interest]


From our cutting-edge [Relevant Facility/Resource] to our renowned faculty experts in [Relevant Field], we offer an unparalleled learning experience tailored to your aspirations

Use Case 2: Personalized Campus Tour Videos

Providing a virtual campus tour allows students to envision themselves as part of the institution’s community. 


Admissions departments can create tailored campus tour videos highlighting specific areas of interest, academic resources, and student life experiences relevant to each prospective student’s unique preferences and goals.

Video Script Example:


Welcome to [University Name], [Prospective Student Name]! As a prospective [Program of Interest] student, we’ve curated this personalized campus tour to showcase the exceptional facilities and resources that align with your passion for [Specific Interest].


From our state-of-the-art [Relevant Facility] to our vibrant student organizations focused on [Relevant Interest/Activity], we provide an immersive environment that will foster your academic and personal growth.”

Use Case 3: Personalized Program Overviews and Curriculum Highlights

Conveying the depth and breadth of academic programs is crucial in attracting right fit students. University admissions departments can create tailored program overviews and curriculum highlights that resonate with each prospective student’s unique academic interests, career aspirations, and learning preferences.


These videos can showcase the program’s strengths, faculty expertise, and real-world applications, providing a compelling and personalized representation of the institution’s academic offerings.

Video Script Example:


As a prospective [Program of Interest] student, we understand your passion for [Specific Interest/Field]. That’s why we’ve created this personalized video to highlight how our [Program Name] curriculum aligns with your goals and aspirations. 


From our cutting-edge coursework in [Relevant Course/Topic] to our faculty’s groundbreaking research in [Relevant Field], you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel in [Potential Career Path]

Use Case 4: Personalized Scholarship and Financial Aid Information

Financial considerations play a crucial role in the university admissions process, and providing personalized scholarship and financial aid information can be a powerful differentiator. 


Admissions departments can create tailored videos highlighting relevant scholarship opportunities, financial aid packages, and affordability strategies based on each prospective student’s unique circumstances and needs.

Video Script Example:


At [University Name], we understand that financing your education is a top priority. 


That’s why we’ve created this personalized video to share valuable information about scholarship opportunities and financial aid options tailored to your [Academic/Personal Background]. 


From our [Relevant Scholarship Program] to our comprehensive [Financial Aid Resource], we’re committed to making your educational journey at our institution accessible and affordable.”

Use Case 5: Personalized Motivational and Encouragement Videos

Highlighting alumni success stories and facilitating mentorship opportunities can be a powerful way for university admissions departments to showcase the long-term value and impact. 


Admissions teams can create tailored videos that feature alumni success stories and mentorship opportunities relevant to each prospective student’s unique interests, aspirations, and career goals.

Video Script Example:


At [University Name], we take great pride in the remarkable achievements of our alumni community. 


That’s why we’ve created this personalized video to share the inspirational journey of [Alumni Name], a [Program/Major] graduate with a passion for [Specific Interest/Field] like you. 


Witness how [Alumni Name] leveraged our world-class resources and faculty mentorship to achieve [Significant Achievement/Career Milestone]. 


We invite you to explore potential mentorship opportunities and learn how our institution can propel you towards similar success.”

Use Case 6: Personalized Parent and Teacher Collaboration Videos

During the admissions process, students have numerous questions and may encounter misconceptions about the institution or its programs. 


Admissions departments can create tailored Q&A and myth-busting videos that directly address each prospective student’s specific concerns and clear up any misunderstandings. These videos can provide transparent and personalized responses, fostering trust and confidence in the institution’s offerings.

Video Script Example:


Hi [Prospective Student Name], we understand that you may have some questions or concerns about [Specific Aspect/Program] at [University Name]. That’s why we’ve created this personalized video to address your inquiries and clarify any misconceptions. 


In this video, we’ll tackle topics such as [Myth/Concern 1] and [Myth/Concern 2], providing you with accurate information and insights tailored to your unique situation.”

Use Case 7: Personalized Alumni Engagement and Networking

Once a student has accepted their offer of admission, a warm and personalized welcome fosters a sense of belonging and sets the stage for a successful transition to the university. 


Admissions departments can create tailored welcome and orientation videos that celebrate each student’s accomplishments, provide an overview of campus resources, and offer valuable tips for navigating the first few weeks of their academic journey.

Video Script Example:

Congratulations, [Student Name]! On behalf of the entire [University Name] community, we are thrilled to welcome you as our newest [Program/Major] student.


This video is designed to celebrate your remarkable achievements and provide you with valuable insights and resources to ensure a smooth transition to campus life. 


From our comprehensive [Student Support Service] to our vibrant [Student Organization/Activity], we are committed to supporting your academic and personal growth every step of the way.”

Parting Thoughts

Video personalization at scale platforms offers a powerful advantage for institutions seeking to captivate and engage prospective students. 


By using platforms like, university admissions departments can deliver personalized experiences that resonate deeply with each individual’s unique background, interests, and aspirations. 


With tailored videos addressing every aspect of the admissions journey, from recruitment and campus tours to program overviews, financial aid, and alumni success stories, institutions can forge stronger connections, build trust, and ultimately increase their chances of attracting the best and brightest students to their community.


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