7 Ways Doctors and Physicians Can Use Video Personalization Platforms

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Dynata in partnership with Redpoint Global surveyed 1000+ U.S. consumers and found 75% wish their healthcare experiences were more personalized.


Patients expect personalized interactions with their doctor or healthcare provider and prompt access to information. However, a whopping 71% face frustrations such as prolonged wait times, impersonal visits, convoluted processes, and difficulties in scheduling appointments.


Unfortunately, physicians are busy professionals and they lack the time to provide personalized interactions or 1-1 communication to each patient. This is where the power of personalized video comes in.


Video personalization at scale platforms like allow doctors to efficiently deliver customized video messages to each patient. Using’s automated video personalization capabilities, physicians can scale empathetic outreach across their entire patient roster to:

– Strengthen patient satisfaction and trust

– Increase appointment show rates

– Drive better medication and treatment compliance

– Reduce unnecessary ER/urgent care visits

– Improve health outcomes

Most importantly, personalized video allows doctors to showcase genuine compassion even when face-to-face time is limited. After all,  patients want to feel respected as unique individuals, not just a chart.

Here are 7 impactful use cases of personalized videos for doctors to consider:

1. Patient Onboarding

Welcome new patients with a personalized video introducing yourself and your practice philosophy. Set a warm, supportive tone from the start.

Example: “Hi Amanda! I’m so pleased you’ve entrusted me as your new primary care physician…” 

2. Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows by sending patients friendly video reminders about upcoming appointments and any relevant pre-visit instructions. 

Example: “Hi Amanda, just a quick personalized reminder about your check-up this Friday at 3pm. Please be sure to avoid caffeine for at least 12 hours beforehand per our pre-visit instructions.”

3. Post-Visit Recaps

Reinforce visit takeaways and next steps with brief personalized videos recapping diagnoses, treatment plans, prescription details, and follow-up timing. 

Example: “Hi Robin, great seeing you today. Here’s a quick personalized video recap of our discussion on starting physical therapy for your back pain. I referred you to ActiveCare PT – be sure to call them this week to schedule your evaluation. Let me know if any questions!”

4. Health Awareness Updates

Keep patients proactively informed by highlighting wellness topics like screening guidelines tailored to their age, risk factors and medical history via personalized videos.

Example: “Hi Matt, I wanted to send a quick personalized video because the latest guidelines recommend starting colon cancer screening at age 45 for average-risk patients like yourself. Please let me know if you’d like to discuss screening options.”

5. Patient Education

Explain complex conditions, treatment options, and medications more clearly through personalized videos tailored to each patient’s health profile and concerns.

Example: “Hi Matt, I know you had questions about diet changes to help manage your diabetes. Here’s a quick personalized video outlining the specific adjustments I’d recommend based on your labs and lifestyle…”

6. Patient Testimonials

Solicit video testimonials from satisfied patients by sending personalized requests to help attract new patients.

Example: “Hi Robin, I’m looking to better showcase real patient stories on my website. As someone I’ve worked closely with this past year, I’d love if you would consider sharing your experience in a quick personalized patient testimonial video.”

7. Patient Check-Ins

Strengthen relationships by sending quick personalized videos checking in on patients recovering from procedures or hospital stays. Convey genuine caring.

Example: “Hi Amanda, I know you were discharged two days ago after your procedure. Just wanted to send a quick personalized check-in video to see how your recovery is progressing and if you have any concerns I can address.”

Parting Thoughts

There is a game-changing opportunity for doctors to humanize healthcare in the digital age by using video personalization. It makes it easy for physicians to offer each patient with caring, tailored guidance. 


Succinctly put, personalized videos at scale platforms let doctors and physicians wield the power of human touch which is infinitely multiplied.


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