Video Email Platforms: The Secret to Unparalleled Outbound Conversions

Traditional text-based emails have been around forever. And while text-based emails have been consistently considered the gold standard of outbound communication in the past, it isn’t the beast that it once was. In fact, the same can be said about any text-only communication today. There are a large number of reasons for it, primarily the transformation in the way we consume content and communicate today.


With the rise of social media and quick content, people have increasingly adapted to consuming information in a more visual and interactive format. Video undoubtedly is the new king, and has been extensively used by some of the most successful outbound sales and marketing teams in the world. 


But there’s a new sheriff in town– Dynamic AI Video.

AI Personalized Video Email Platforms

Dynamic AI personalized video allows users to templatize a single video recording of a person speaking, using generative AI voice and lip-sync models. Once templatized, you can effortlessly modify any part of the video and personalize it to speak any variables of your choice.


Let’s say you shot a personalized advertisement or sales pitch for a product, and you want to individually call out a prospect’s name, company, pain points, custom pricing and other relevant variables. A dynamic AI video email platform will templatize a single video video and enable you to run extensive email campaigns while allowing you to individually personalize each of the variables for every recipient.


Here are some examples of campaigns run using’s all-in-one dynamic generative AI video platform.

However, isn’t only restricted to being a dynamic AI video email platform. It is used by some of the biggest brands in the world to run hyper-personalized video campaigns across multiple platforms, from social media to SMS, or anything else brands require.

The Best Video Email Platforms

Now that you understand what AI personalized video platforms are, let us look further into why it is so important in 2023 and why your brand will need to use it going forward to keep up with the times and competition.

Why Video Email Platforms are Important in 2023

Outbound is Getting A Lot Harder

  • An influx of sales and marketing clutter is overcrowding inboxes and DMs. Thanks to AI-generated content, brands can now flood your inbox a lot more frequently than before.


  • More AI-assisted outreach = more generic and monotonous content. The spike in irrelevant messages, spam and phishing attempts is causing widespread email fatigue.


  • A funding winter and the impending recession has organizations striving to become more frugal. From VC pressure on organizations to curb spending to mass layoffs, there are no signs of a light at the end of the tunnel yet. Things will only get worse before they get better.


  • Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Content oversaturation is causing existential levels of attention deficit, meaning your outreach is instinctually going to be overlooked. Grabbing your prospects’ attention is an uphill battle and it’s only going to get steeper.


Here’s How You Can Be the Saviour of Outbound

1. Target the right decision-makers at the right time. Only reach out to prospects that actually have a use for your product and have the decision-making power to execute the purchase. If you do your research well, you’ll know who exactly to reach out to and when. By only reaching out to relevant audiences, you’re also doing your bit in making the world of outbound a better place.


2. Adding relevance to your outreach is the key to unlocking the door to a prospect’s reply. Being relevant has never been easier considering buying intent indicators are just one LinkedIn or Google search away. If you’re too lazy to do the research, there are tons of buying intent solutions to help you personalize your outreach.


3. Text is outdated, video is the new king. A generational shift in content consumption has led to video becoming the new panacea for dying attention spans. Using videos in your outreach gives you an unparalleled advantage over text-only outreach. Personalized videos on the other hand result in 280% higher returns and 16x higher click-to-open rate than typical emails.


But making personalized videos for every message you send out surely isn’t practical, right?


WRONG!’s state-of-the-art video technology allows you to templatize a single video using our AI voice and lip-sync models and turn it into thousands of copies with personalized variables including name, company, pain points, pricing, and anything else you’d like to personalize.


4. Pain is another powerful way to overcome awful attention spans and content oversaturation. Pain is twice as effective as pleasure in converting audiences via outreach messages. Highlighting pain from loss is way more powerful in hooking readers’ attention as opposed to benefits, features and other nice-to-haves. So the next time you send an outreach email, start off with a very relatable pain point that hits home for the prospect.

Send Personalized Videos at Scale

With AI-personalized video email platforms, you can effortlessly send out hyper-personalized videos at scale and make your emails a whole lot more engaging and impactful. Brands like Samsung, Zomato, vivo and MPL that made the switch to personalized video marketing platforms like experienced never-before-seen conversion rates and sales.


Take for a spin and never look back again!

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