7 Ways Gaming Platforms Can Get Higher User Engagement Using Personalized Videos

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71% of consumers feel more valued by brands that provide personalized content and updates, according to a report by McKinsey. Personalized videos allow gaming companies to deliver on those expectations at scale.


Perhaps most importantly, personalized video allows gaming platforms to celebrate fans as individuals with unique passions and interests – not just nameless users in a database.


That sense of feeling genuinely valued as a person can make all the difference for gaming platforms looking to cultivate zealot-level community devotion.


By leveraging cutting-edge video personalization at scale platforms like, innovative gaming brands can create hyper-customized engagement that truly resonates with players.’s AI-powered technology allows you to automatically generate millions of unique video variants from a single recorded clip.


This makes it easy to deliver tailored video communication at scale throughout the entire user lifecycle – from user acquisition to loyal community members. 


And when personalized videos are used holistically to drive relevance at scale, gaming platforms witness:

– More effective user acquisition and onboarding

– Higher KPIs like retention, play-time, and D1/D30 return rates 

– Increased ARPDAU through optimized microtransaction offers

– More word-of-mouth growth from delighted community advocates

– Stronger brand affinity and player loyalty  

Here are 7 powerful ways gaming platforms should utilize personalized video:

1. Dynamic User Onboarding

Captivate new players from their very first login with a personalized welcome video tailored to their game preferences, character selections, device type and more.

Video Script Example: “What’s up Amanda! Hyped that you just joined the epic world of Mythics & Monsters on mobile. Here’s a personalized quick-start guide just for your Dwarven Berserker character. These pro combat tips will have you slashing through those goblin hordes in no time…”

2. Lapsed User Re-Engagement

Reactive dormant users by sending personalized video messages highlighting recent game updates, new items or events perfectly catered to their interests.

Video Script Example: “Hey Matt! I noticed you haven’t stormed the gates of Castle Havok in a while. Wanted to give you a personal heads up that we just unleashed a sick new armory of legendary weapons in the latest update. This Frostbane Warhammer would be an absolute gamechanger for your Level 85 Orc Marauder. Log back in this week and I’ll hook you up with 50% off the Warhammer unlock using code: REENGAGEDLEGEND. Your destiny awaits!”

3. User Milestones & Achievements

Celebrate level-ups, quest completions, tournament wins and other achievements with personalized videos that make players feel like gaming heroes.  

Video Script Example: “Michelle! Slayer of Phatom Beasts, Vanquisher of the Dread Necromancers, Crusher of Demon’s Peak….your name will echo through the halls of Valorn eternally. Here’s an epic personalized salute from the Mythics & Monsters team for maxing out your Battle Mage abilities this week!”

4. Creative Community Spotlights

Highlight top user-created content by sending players personalized video shout-outs featuring clips of their coolest custom skins, maps, or speedruns.  

Video Script Example: “Yo Max, the Mythics & Monsters dev crew is straight up in awe of your “Cyberpunk 3088″ total conversion mod you just dropped! We had to spotlight your gritty sci-fi world and slick new cybernetic enemy types in this personalized trailer video for the whole community to vibe on. The production value and attention to detail is just mind-blowing. By the way, I’ve gone ahead and gifted you the upcoming Noxious Vapor cannon skin as a token of our appreciation for your epic creation!”

5. Virtual Hangouts & Events

Fuel excitement by inviting fans to exclusive personalized video events like developer sneak peeks, professional streamer meet-ups or intimate behind-the-scenes access.

Video Script Example: “Amanda! As one of our most devoted Mythics players, we have a special community treat for you. Join us in this personalized invite-only video environment to get a hyped first look at the bonkers new Dread Canyons level before launch day…”

6. Targeted Monetization Offers

Increase conversions for battle passes, skins and other in-game purchases by sending personalized video offer walkthroughs highlighting the most compelling features for each player.

Video Script Example: “We’ve been closely studying your Mythics & Monsters gameplay, Karen [Name]. Which is why we’re stoked to offer you this exclusive video personalized for your mastery of dual-wield combat styles, showcasing the fresh new Blades of Avalon axe and dagger set. These ethereal blades deal increased Shadow damage and have custom attack animations specifically designed for dual-wielders like yourself. Plus, snag this bundle before June 1st and you’ll also unlock the Grim Harvester death effect. Just our way of saying thanks for being an amazing community member!”

7. Live-Ops Updates & Teasers

Build hype and anticipation by sending fans personalized video alerts and sneak peeks for upcoming game updates, expansions, events and more.

Video Script Example: “Matt! Brace yourself, because the Mythics Multiverse is about to be shattered in our most monumental update yet. I’ve put together this exclusive personalized teaser video just for you covering all the new Omniscape campaign intel we can dish so far…”

Parting Thoughts

Succinctly put, AI video personalization platforms like empower gaming companies to finally deliver the premium 1:1 engagement today’s players expect.


From user onboarding through to live-ops, franchise expansion, and community spotlighting – tailored video communication has unlimited potential to drive strategic goals and business results.


The gaming world’s future will be personalized. Those leveraging generative AI to execute an elite-level video engagement strategy will be the undisputed champions of the industry’s new era.


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