How Personalized Videos Sent the Paltan into a Frenzy

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Mumbai never does anything halfway – the cheers in Wankhede Stadium can probably be heard from Marine Drive. That same fervor defines the Mumbai Indians’ fanbase. Recognizing this, the team didn’t want just satisfied fans – they wanted to make every member of the Paltan feel like they were personally high-fived by Rohit Sharma after hitting the winning six. This ambition led them to partner with, pioneers in AI-powered personalization, to create a fan experience unlike anything the cricketing world has seen.

The Challenge:

Making The Digital World Feel As Electric As Match Day

The Mumbai Indians understand the power of their brand extends far beyond the stadium. But with millions of fans engaging online, it’s easy for that individual spark to get lost. Generic posts, even exciting ones, can only achieve so much. The team sought a way to inject the same adrenaline rush of match day into every fan’s social media feed.

The Game-Changing Idea:

When Cameron Green Became Every Fan's Biggest Cheerleader

Imagine this: you’re scrolling through Instagram, casually commenting on a Mumbai Indians post, when suddenly…it’s Cameron Green in your DMs, saying your name, and thanking YOU for your support. That’s not just fan service – that’s the digital equivalent of being pulled from the crowd and onto the field. This was the bold vision the Mumbai Indians and set out to create.

The Technical Wizardry:

How AI Learned To Speak Like A Cricketing Star

Here’s where the true magic of‘s platform comes into play. We all know AI is clever, but this campaign required finesse:

  • The Base footage: Cameron Green recorded a standard message and 2 minutes of extra training footage. His extra training footage was like a masterclass for the AI, capturing the nuances of his Aussie accent and easygoing on-camera charisma. This ensured the videos felt personal, not robotic.

  • The Name Game: Imagine fans from Delhi to Dubai commenting. didn’t simply insert names, it analyzed and flawlessly replicated pronunciations – a detail which had a huge impact on that “Whoa, is this real?” factor.

  • The Power of Immediacy:‘s integration with Instagram meant personalized videos hit fans’ inboxes within minutes. This maintained a sense of spontaneous excitement, crucial for the campaign’s success.

The Results:

Mumbai Indians Just Raised The Bar For Every Sports Franchise

Let’s talk numbers, because this campaign wasn’t just innovative, it was effective:

  • The 10x Factor: Comment volume exploded by a factor of ten. This wasn’t just fans getting a video; this was them being so thrilled they had to get the Paltan talking about it.

  • Organic Fireworks: Personalized videos weren’t just consumed, they were fuel. Thousands of shares, under that #PaltansVoice hashtag, turned into a massive Mumbai Indians appreciation fest across social media.

  • The Feeling You Can’t Fake: Think about being a diehard fan. It’s more than just liking a team. That feeling of being seen, of having your individual passion validated – that builds the kind of loyalty money can’t buy.

Ready to Score Big with Your Customers?

If you’re ready to create the kind of experiences that get people talking, the kind that turns casual fans into superfans, then is your secret weapon. Let’s discuss how personalized videos can bring that match-winning energy to your brand.


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