7 Ideas on How E-commerce Brands Can Use Video Personalization

personalized video for e-commerce

In a world of endless choices, consumers buy from brands that truly appreciate them as individuals. Personalized video provides an efficient way to convey that appreciation at scale. The human touch replicated millions of times over.


Most importantly, personalized video allows brands to forge authentic human connections amidst an impersonal sea of digital noise. Tailored video outreach shows customers their business and patronage matters. This level of care pays dividends.


According to McKinsey, 71% of consumers expect brands to offer personalized experiences, and brands that excel at personalization generate 40 percent more revenue. A 2023 customer engagement survey by Twilio finds that 66% of customers say they will quit a brand if their experience is not personalized. 


With an AI-powered platform like, e-commerce brands can deliver those experiences efficiently at scale. Below are 7 use cases of video personalization for e-commerce brands to consider. 

7 video personalization use cases for e-commerce brands

1. Abandoned Cart Reminders

Win back abandoned checkout customers with personalized video messages highlighting the products they left behind and tempting discounts.


Video Script Example: “Hi Amanda <customer name>, I noticed you didn’t complete your purchase for the blue backpack <product>. Here’s a 10% off <offer> to help you decide…” 


<> in the scripts represents the variables that you can dynamically replace with AI and personalized for every prospect. 


2. Customer Winback Campaigns  

Reactivate churned customers by sending personalized videos showcasing new arrivals tailored to their past purchases and browsing behavior. 


Video Script Example: “Hi Robin <customer name>, I noticed you haven’t shopped with us in a while. Wanted to share a quick personalized video overview of some new sweaters <product recommendation> that just arrived in fall colors and styles I think you’ll love based on your previous purchases.”


3. VIP Pre-Launch Access

Reward loyal customers with early access to upcoming product launches or sales via personalized “sneak peek” video invites. Drive excitement and word-of-mouth.


Video Script Example: “Hey Matt <customer name>, as one of our top customers, I’m excited to give you a personalized sneak peek at our new line of outdoor gear <new product launch> launching next month. Here are some of the key items I think you’ll be interested in as an avid hiker …”


4. Recommendation Follow-Ups

Deliver highly relevant recommendations via personalized videos guiding customers to complementary or next-purchase products based on their purchase history.


Video Script Example: “Hi Matt <customer name>, glad you found the right running shoes <product purchased>! Here’s a quick personalized video overview of top-rated socks <product recommendation 1> and insoles <product recommendation 2> that would go great with your new sneakers <product purchased>…”


5. Limited Inventory Alerts  

Prompt purchase decisions by notifying customers of low inventory on saved or recently viewed products via personalized video alerts. Induce FOMO.


Video Script Example: “Hi Amanda <customer name>, I know you had been interested in our black Friday sale <sale name> on the white leather handbag <product wishlisted>. Just wanted to let you know in a quick personalized video that we’re down to fewer than 10 still in stock in case you want to grab it before it sells out!”


6. Customer Surveys

Rather than dry email surveys, use personalized video requests to solicit product feedback and testimonials. Get richer, more authentic responses.


Video Script Example: “Hi Robin <customer name>, I hope you’re loving the new shoes! <product purchased> As someone whose style we really admire, we’d love any feedback you have on the fit, quality, or design in this quick personalized video survey.”


7. Customer Appreciation

Surprise and delight loyal brand advocates with personalized video thank-you notes on milestones like one-year anniversaries of being a customer. Strengthen retention.


Video Script Example: “Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been a full year since you first shopped with us, Amanda! <customer name> Wanted to send over a quick personalized video to thank you for your continued support this past year as a valued customer.”


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