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Birthdays are joyous annual milestones, but the tradition of singing “Happy Birthday” feels outdated. The generic song lacks personal meaning. Cadbury Mondelez, one of the world’s largest snack companies, wanted to make birthdays more magical by gifting customized musical greetings through their #MyBirthdaySong campaign.


By collaborating with and other AI platforms, they created an innovative first-of-its-kind campaign. My Birthday Song generates a unique song filled with personal details about the recipient, with powering the text-to-speech rap vocals and synchronizing them to beats. The overall campaign leveraged various AI tools to produce a delightful musical creation celebrating each person’s special day.

About was founded in 2021 by Suvrat Bhooshan with the vision of spearheading AI-powered video personalization. Their proprietary generative AI models allow tailoring video content to individual viewer data and preferences.


Using cutting-edge machine learning techniques, can generate millions of unique video variants personalized to each audience. Their technology handles complex synchronization tasks like editing voiceovers and lip movements seamlessly.


Their track record of successful innovations made them the perfect collaborator to create a breakthrough musical experience powered by AI for Cadbury Mondelez.

About Cadbury Mondelez:

Cadbury Mondelez is one of the world’s largest snack companies, delighting consumers with iconic brands like Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, and Oreo cookies across more than 150 countries. Cadbury has an extensive heritage dating back to 1824 in Birmingham, England. Today, Cadbury Mondelez continues its legacy of making delicious snacks and finding innovative ways to spread joy by creating delightfully uplifting experiences for consumers worldwide. With operations in 80 countries and over 80,000 employees.


As an iconic brand renowned for sparking joy worldwide, Cadbury constantly pursues innovative ways to connect with consumers. They identified an opportunity to make birthdays feel more special and meaningful.


Research showed people felt “Happy Birthday” was generic, dated, and lacking personal relevance. Cadbury saw technology as a way to provide customized musical birthday greetings filled with personal touches.

After evaluating several options, Cadbury chose for their proven expertise in using AI to deliver personalized video and audio at scale. Together, they set out to reimagine birthday celebrations.

How My Birthday Song Blends AI and Creativity

The #MyBirthdaySong campaign combined Cadbury’s imaginative vision with the technical prowess of multiple AI providers. Users first input personalized details about the birthday recipient – name, nickname, relationship, inside jokes, shared memories, and endearing quirks.


The campaign then utilized several large language models to generate special lyrics infused with the unique anecdotes provided, crafting a one-of-a-kind musical tribute tailored specifically for that recipient’s big day.


The personalization possibilities were vast, with lyrical insights drawn from prompts like:

  • Their infamous annoying habit
  • An inside joke that always makes them smile
  • How your friendship/relationship started
  • What makes them so special to you
  • A catchphrase they constantly say

Next, users selected options to shape the musical style – language (English or Hindi), singer gender, and genre. Singing choices ranged from Pop and Country to Piano Rock, while Rap offered styles like Hip Hop, Synth-pop, Bhangra, and R&B.‘s specialized AI models took the lead for the Rap genre, generating the vocal performances and seamlessly syncing them to beats and rhythms.


The result was a magical, delightfully personalized musical greeting far surpassing the generic “Happy Birthday” song of yesteryear. #MyBirthdaySong ushered birthdays into a new era of celebrating the individual.

The Emotional Power of Personalized Music

The response to My Birthday Song was resoundingly ecstatic. Recipients expressed heartfelt gratitude and delight at the custom musical greetings.


Many said it was a thoughtful, meaningful digital gift they’d ever received. By incorporating personal details, the AI-generated music elicited laughter, surprise, and sometimes tears. It made recipients feel truly seen and celebrated.


For Cadbury, the outpouring of positive emotion reaffirmed their status as a brand spreading joy. They succeeded in forging deeper connections through innovative personalization.


Impressive Campaign Impact and Reach

  • 1.4 million personalized birthday songs generated
  • 10%+ increase in brand favorability trajectory
  • 3 billion campaign impressions
  • Over 10 million website visits
  • 40% engagement rate on social media
  • 99% positive customer feedback


My Birthday Song also generated significant press coverage for the bold use of AI. Cadbury captured people’s imaginations by disrupting a stagnant tradition with an imaginative musical creation.

The Future of Hyper-Personalized Moments Powered by AI

This campaign demonstrated the power of combining multiple AI specialties to make special occasions more meaningful.


For and the other AI providers, it validated the immense potential of their respective technologies working together across industries aiming to craft customized, emotion-driven experiences.


As consumers demand more relevant and meaningful personal connections, AI applications will only grow. #MyBirthdaySong provides a glimpse of how brands can leverage personalization to create digital collectible mementos that are meaningful and relevant.

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