How to Maximize Email Engagement and Average a 17% CTR with AI Video Personalization

How to improve Email Open Rates, Click Through Rates and Conversions

We recently ran a super-fun festive email campaign for Christmas.

Yay, who cares?!?

But in the process, we found the ultimate hack to average a ~62% open rate and a ~17% CTR — you might be thinking, there’s no way in hell you can maintain that level of engagement on all your email campaigns.


The numbers I just mentioned will soon be just about bang average email engagement rates for the brands that do email marketing right.

So what’s the missing piece of the puzzle in my email campaigns, you ask?

How To Make Email Campaigns Fun 101

Here’s how the story goes—

Since we’re building this cool state-of-the-art AI video personalisation tool that’s revolutionizing the way top brands like Samsung, Uber, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Salesforce, Unilever and Cadbury use to communicate with their audience, we figured it would be a genius idea to use it ourselves. 

And so, we cooked up a nice little Christmas email campaign and show our dormant leads what they’ve been missing out on.

We then reeled our brilliant Account Director Nick Kardan into recording a fun little video, our AI training script, and within 7 minutes he had even uploaded it onto our platform.

Talk about smooth!

In no time, all we had left to do was conjure up a quirky email and shoot it out to all our dormant leads who were busy rusting up our otherwise smooth-as-silk pipeline.

Once we did the above and pressed send, we discovered a replicable hack to what most marketers would consider blasphemous email engagement rates. 

We then pretended to be shocked by the results, acting like it was not thaaat obvious that videos just work sooo much better than text or images on email.

The thing is though, we didn’t just send out any video. We sent out a video that spoke directly to the reader of the email, addressing them by name and personally wishing them a joyous holiday season.

Yes, and as you guessed correctly, we used a small magic trick called to turn the single video recording into ~1,500 personalized copies of our very own Santa Claus calling out all our dormant leads’ first names and before sending them our message.

Raise the curtains, here’s what the campaigns looked like:


Email Campaign #1 

The first email we sent went something like this:

Email Subject Line

Our AI-enabled Santa 🎅has a special message for you!



Email Body

How to maximize Email CTR

The Video

Here’s a tiny mashup of some of the personalized videos we sent out:

And wait for it…

The Results

How to improve Email Open Rates


The results were so good that we decided, heck why not run another Christmas / holiday season campaign?



And so we did, like just one week later!


Email Campaign #2 



We didn’t think much of it at first, but we soon found out that even more people opened the next email! Perhaps they loved the previous one so much, or perhaps they were slightly jealous they weren’t yet able to get their hands on our brilliant tech and use it in their marketing ASAP.


And so, we decided to cut them a sweet little deal — A HOLIDAY DISCOUNT! 🥳



Here’s How We Did It

We pestered our Account Director again, and had him record another video + training script. But this time he did it in a record 5 minutes — from recording to platform upload!



The fruits of our labour —



Email Subject Line

This AI Santa has a holiday present for your eyes only 🤫



Email  Body

The Video 



The Results

How to improve Email Conversions

Now here’s the most impressive part of this whole thing – the combined campaign stats!

Email Engagement Stats

Demo booked – 14

Qualified Demo – 10

Pipeline Built – $80.8K

Closed Won – $24K

Open Pipeline – $39.6K

Closed Lost – $17.2K

Average CTR – 16.5%

Average Open Rate – 61.5%

Getting To The Point

So what are you waiting for?


Get on a demo NOW and never again be red-faced by the sight of poor email engagement. 


And if you’re still not convinced, don’t worry, we’ll send you our super-fun hyper-personalized video email campaigns that will make you want to start using our technology yesterday!  

By Tejas Shahasane

I'm a content marketer fueled by a fascination with AI and the opportunities it unlocks. You can catch me saying "lights out and away we go!" almost every weekend.

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