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Looking for an in-depth vs. comparison? Well, you must be doing your due diligence for a video personalization at scale solution.


Wading through reviews on multiple platforms, comparing features, and getting insights on video output quality can be a lengthy process. But not anymore!


So let’s dive into customer reviews, compare features of both platforms, and take a look at the quality of their video outputs.


This should give you the necessary information required to make an informed choice while saving you from all the legwork.


So let’s begin. 

Feature Comparison: Vs Rephrase AI vs alternatives comparison table

Editor’s Recommendation: Learn about different types and how to pick the right video personalization platform for you. It will help you understand which type of platform you should pick as per your requirements. 

Compare Video Quality: vs.

Both and are video personalization platforms. One of the important aspects you should consider is the quality of the video these platforms generate.


Below I’ve shared some videos from both platforms on their social media accounts, websites, and platforms like YouTube:

Video Outputs by has shared many of its clients’ campaigns on its website and social media channels. You can also generate videos in real-time powered by from the following websites:

  1. Instagram account of Mumbai Indians (Cricket Franchise) –

    Click here to learn more about the campaign.


  2. Personalized wedding invite on (a matrimonial platform)


    Click here to learn more about the campaign.


  3. Personalized B’day song on Cadbury Celebrations website


    Click here to learn more about the campaign.

Below are some of the videos shared by from their customer campaigns for your review:


1. Vivo (Smartphone Maker) Campaign with Virat Kohli

vivo (#1 smartphone maker in India and #6 in the world) used to excite, engage, convert, and empower the 3 key personas in their sales process with just a single video campaign!


The company announced its latest V27 smartphone series by hiring Virat Kohli (Ronaldo/Messi of the Cricket World) to deliver special personalized messages to their customers.

Using Gan․ai and a single recording of the superstar, vivo was able to deliver hyper-personalized messages of Virat calling out customers’ names, their nearest vivo retailer, field sales rep, and their phone number. Here’s how they did it!

vivo sent out 3 sets of personalized videos of Virat:


  1. In the first video, Virat calls out the name of a customer and their nearest vivo retailer or sales rep before pointing to their phone number which appears as an on-screen text personalization.


  1. In the second video, Virat calls out the name of a vivo retailer, pointing to their phone number which appears as an on-screen text personalization.


  1. In the third video, Virat calls out a vivo sales rep’s name, pointing to their phone number which appears as an on-screen text personalization.How Vivo Uses Generative AI to Announce Their Smartphone Launches

2. Alliance (Real Estate Developer) Campaign with Trisha

South India’s largest real estate developer used to send personalized videos to attract, engage, and convert home buyers at every stage of the home-buying process, ensuring they never slip away!


Real Estate Developers Now Use AI to Attract, Engage & Convert Home Buyers 🤯


3. EyeCare Partner’s Personalized Campaign


USA’s Largest optomologists and optometrists, EyeCare Partners, used to generate personalized videos from doctors to their patients.


The video called out the first name, the condition a patient is being treated for, the day of their appointment, and other procedures and products to be recommended.


Gan․ai’s all-in-one platform automates these videos to be sent out in real-time (as soon as a patient books an appointment or when they’re due for their follow-up) via the patient’s chosen medium of communication.


How Generative AI is Being Used in Healthcare | Powered by


Video Outputs by Rephrase AI

1. Beco’s Cart Abandonment Campaign developed a digital avatar of Bollywood actress Dia Mirza, the brand ambassador for Beco. 


Whenever a prospective customer leaves their shopping cart behind, a personalized video featuring Dia Mirza is sent via WhatsApp.


In the video, Dia calls out each customer by their name, offering assistance, and gently encouraging them to finalize their purchase.


2. ‘My Shop My Ad’ Campaign by BharatPe


The ‘My Shop My Ad’ campaign by BharatPe had a mission to empower offline merchants and local Kirana store owners. 


The campaign enabled them to promote their businesses using personalized video ads featuring Indian Crickets Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul.


Also, the merchants were given a choice to customize the videos in their preferred languages.

3. Raymond’s Realty Customer Engagement Campaign


Raymond Realty wanted to convert every prospective buyer into a purchaser since real estate is a high-stakes business. 


Rephrase AI crafted a digital avatar of Raymond’s Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Gautam Singhania.


This avatar was used in producing personalized videos wherein Mr. Singhania addressed each potential buyer and emphasized the commitment to delivering their homes on time.



7 Reasons Why You Should Pick over Rephrase AI

1. No Expensive Studio Setup Required requires you to record your video in a studio-level setup. With, you can even record your video using a mobile or laptop camera. 

2. Real Video Personalization develops avatars to generate personalized videos. In many cases, avatars are instantly seen as gimmicky and fake.’s algorithms perform real video personalization. Hence, every generated video seems like the person in the video took the time to record a personalized video just for the viewer.

3. Pronunciation So Perfect That Sounds Exactly Like You supports over 15 languages and pronounces any name, accent, and even melodic variables in a song with 99.5% accuracy! Case in point:
My Birthday Song Campaign by Cadbury Celebration  

4. Deliver Videos Anywhere Your Audience Hangs Out

Email, SMS, WhatsApp, pre-roll ads, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, IPTV, mobile apps, Social Media platforms – you name it, supports it. Share personalized videos wherever your users are. 

5. Know How Your Campaigns Are Performing from’s Rich Analytics

Make better decisions by digging deep into your campaigns to understand not only what works and what doesn`t, but also the whys behind it. Don`t settle for limited data that only scratches the surface.

6. Integrate With Any CRM, Marketing Automation Platform, or Sales Engagement Platform under the Sun has integrations available for all the CRMs, MAPs, and SEPs under the sun. If you use a new CRM or marketing platform, and the integration is not available, we will build it for you.

7. Dedicated Engineering Support [24X5] and Customer Service Manager offers dedicated engineering and customer support to all its customers. We will help you with shoots, integration, engineering support for your campaign goals, and with any issue you face regarding delivery, recording, automation, etc. We are just a call and email away from our customers. 

Customer Reviews: vs Rephrase AI has a rating of 4.9/5 on G2 and the platform has been reviewed 22 times.Below is a quick comparison of the user ratings.

Rephrase AI reviews has a rating of 4.9 on G2 and the platform has been reviewed 22 times. G2 recognizes as the easiest to do business with a company. vs G2 Reviews User Rating as per G2: vs Rephrase AI reviews

Rephrase has a 4.7/5 rating on G2 and has been reviewed 39 times. G2 recognized as High Performer of the Fall 2023.’s user rating as per G2:


Rephrase AI G2 Rating Reviews: Why do Customers Choose

Below are the 5 reasons why customers love to pick over and other video personalization platforms. 


    1. Absolutely easy to set up and configure our sales campaigns. I had thought it will require a lot of customization and support, but didn’t need anyone’s help in getting up and running”

      Reviewer: Apoorv S, (CEO)
    2.’s lip-sync and audio-sync capabilities are truly remarkable. The accuracy achieved is nothing short of magic. It ensures that the spoken words and movements are perfectly aligned, creating an engaging and authentic video experience for our customers.”

      Reviewer: Sakshi K, (CSM)
    3. Easy to use, fast (probably the fastest) to create copies of the personalized videos.”

      Reviewer: Sakshi S, Goodlives (Co-Founder)
    4. I love the pronunciation and lip sync, and the fact that it works on real videos makes it unbelievably useful. Not to forget that it works with just 2mins of the training data!! All other competitors asked for 15-30mins.”

      Reviewer: Somya P, VP- Corporate (IndoChem Oils)


    5. “Best and the most pocket-friendly platform to generate personalized videos for marketing. It has a fitment in every industry one can ever think of. I recommended to my Real Estate client based out of Chennai and they went live within 15 days. Easy integration with all major CRMs in the industry like Salesforce, Leadsquared, etc.”

      Reviewer: Suvansh V (Sr. Executive, Enterprise Key Accounts, LeadSquared)


Constructive Feedback From Customers About


  1. “The model training isn’t instantaneous, but I imagine it will be eventually.”

    Reviewer: Carolyn E (Video Director at a Hollywood Studio)
    Status: We are working on it.

  2. “UI can be better, but they are improving it week on week anyway- it is getting there.” 

    Reviewer: Somya PStatus: Fixed.

  3. “The platform can be made better. Few bugs, but not a dealbreaker

    Reviewer: Tushar P
    Status: Fixed.

  4. Currently, I have not faced any problems with the platform. One thing that I feel can be improved is the video dashboard UI and reports.

    Reviewer: Suvansh V (Sr. Executive, Enterprise Key Accounts)
    Status: The video dashboard UI has been improved. We’re working on making reports more useful.

  5. With, we have never encountered any issues regarding accuracy, and it has become an essential tool in our video marketing arsenal.

    Reviewer: Deepak K (Sr.Manager Social Media) Reviews: Why do Customers Choose

  1. It is great platform for everyone who is in field of content creation. is totally AI powered and best content rephrasing and generation tool moreover the accuracy level is too good and the language proficiency is super.I will recommend everyone to use this tool atleast once.

    Reviewer: Sahil Y (Education Counsellor)

  2. “The blog2video studio workflow is relatively easy; It is an excellent tool for creating a professional video presentation about a blog that you want to present. Many voice and actor customization is available, and the UI provides all controls necessary to create the presentation. Ideal for tutorials and product overview presentations.”

    Reviewer: Shivansh B (Designation/Industry Unknown)

  3. “By simply inputting the text content, creates a professional video in which a speaker effectively conveys the message. From my perspective, it is one of the best applications of AI. It is a platform that takes away the pain of video shoots and is highly cost-effective since it eliminates the necessity for a dedicated production team and studio facilities for video creation purposes.”

    Reviewer: Gungun A (Student, Hansraj College)

  4. Creating visually appealing videos is easy-peasy with The platform is user-friendly, and I can customise my videos to my content. It’s like bringing my ideas to life and sharing my stories with the world.

    Reviewer: Vaibhav S (Student, NIT Jalandhar)

  5. “With the help of Rephrase Studio’s text-to-video generation engine, you can produce professional-looking videos with a digital avatar in only a few minutes. We can send more than 1 lakh personalized wishes, messages, and emails to our mechanic and dealer communities using this technology, giving our business partners a “wow moment.”

    Reviewer: Junai A (Designation/Industry Unknown)

Constructive Feedback from Customers About


  1. “ has been noted to have potential issues with accuracy, human touch, and reliance on training data. It’s important to evaluate the tool based on individual requirements and experiences.” 

    Reviewer: Unknown User (Education Management)

  2. It does not work well for very long pieces of text such as essays or research papers. The quality of the writing drops off quite a bit 

    Reviewer: Mohd. Asif (Industry Unknown)

  3. The video stream quality could have been much better given the videos technology in this era has gone through roofs. OTT has used them to their advantage, so stream quality would be a good focus area

    Reviewer: Saurabh S (Analytics Manager)

  4. the limitation on customization options for facial animation and lip sync.

    Reviewer: Aditi J (Education Management)

  5. Although provides optimization tools, the customization options may feel somewhat limited for users who require more granular control over the video editing process. While the platform offers a streamlined and efficient video creation workflow, some users may desire more advanced editing features to fine-tune their videos further

    Reviewer: Nibhrit M (Software Engineer)

Customer Testimonials – vs Rephrase AI’s Customer testimonials competitors

Rephrase AI competitors vs comparison vs Rephrase AI comparison

Rephrase’s Customer Testimonials vs Rephrase AI alternatives


Rephrase AI alternatives alternatives


Conclusion: vs Rephrase AI

I hope the comparison of and has provided you an understanding of both platforms. The aim was to simplify your decision-making process by sharing all the information in one place.


As you’ve seen, boasts a strong user rating on G2, is praised for its remarkable lip-sync and audio-sync capabilities, ease of use, and integration with major CRM systems. Constructive feedback from users is addressed promptly, reflecting the platform’s commitment to improvement., on the other hand, is recognized as a High Performer by G2. The platform stands out for its AI-powered content rephrasing and generation capabilities. Also, some users have cited potential accuracy issues and customization limitations of the platform as well.


In addition to user ratings and feedback, we’ve provided glimpses into the real-world performance of both platforms through video examples. Both platforms showcase successful personalized campaigns with renowned brands for their various marketing initiatives.


Ultimately, the choice between and hinges on your specific requirements, budget constraints, and the degree of personalization needed for your video projects. We encourage you to explore the platforms further, perhaps through trials or demos, to make a final decision.


If you want to get a free demo and trial of, you can book it here —


Interested in trying but still on the fence? Take for a spin and test it out for yourself👇😎


See live in action!

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