Ditch the Drudgery: 10 AI Sales Tools to Supercharge Your Success

Selling ain’t easy. Between endless emails, forgetful note-taking, and the pressure to close deals, it’s enough to make even the smoothest talker pull their hair out. But fear not, weary warriors of the sales world! The future is here, and it’s powered by AI.

We’re talking about a sales arsenal so hot, it’ll turn you into a quoting, closing machine. Check out these 10 AI tools that will have you dominating the sales game:

Gan.AI: The Video Personalizer

Imagine creating personalized videos that resonate with every prospect. Gan.AI uses Gen AI to craft these personalized versions, so you can ditch the generic and connect on a deeper level.

Pricing: Contact Sales

Mixmax: Your AI Email Wingman

Struggling to write those perfect sales emails? Mixmax uses AI magic to craft personalized messages that’ll have your prospects hitting reply faster than you can say “cha-ching!”

Pricing: Growth + Salesforce – $69 per user/month (billed annually)

OutreachWriter: The AI Closer

This AI whiz automates the entire outreach process, from emails to LinkedIn messages. It even personalizes them based on your prospect’s profile, making you look like a mind-reading superstar.

Pricing: Paid plans for multiple apps start at $14.99/mo Your Digital Sidekick

Never miss a beat again! uses smarts to transcribe your meetings, acting as your own personal notetaker. Now you can focus on closing deals, not scribbling furiously.

Pricing: Pro – $8.33 per user/month

Lavender: The Email Sensei

This AI email assistant is your grammar guru and best friend rolled into one. It analyzes your emails in real-time, catching any typos or awkward phrasing before they reach your prospect’s inbox.

Pricing: Pro – $29 per month or $319 per year

Quantified: Your AI Practice Partner

Want to hone your sales pitch without the awkwardness? Quantified throws you into an AI-powered simulation, complete with a virtual customer who throws curveballs your way. Practice makes perfect, and this is some seriously next-level practice.

Pricing: Contact for pricing

Storydoc: The AI Pitch Deck Pro

Crafting proposals can be a nightmare. Storydoc uses AI to whip up business-tailored scripts and media, making your proposals look as sharp as your sales skills.

Pricing: Starter – $30 per month per user

Drift: The Chatbot Closer

Chatbots can be a game-changer for sales. Drift’s AI-powered platform lets you build chatbots that engage, qualify, and even convert leads. Basically, it’s your 24/7 sales closer, working tirelessly while you sleep.


Pricing: Premium – $2,500 per month

Sales Cloud Einstein: Your Data Decoder

Feeling overwhelmed by customer data? Sales Cloud Einstein uses AI to analyze it all, giving you insights and predictions to help you close deals faster. Think of it as your own personal sales crystal ball.

Pricing: Add Einstein AI & Analytics to Service Cloud – $50 per user/month, billed annually. The Conversation Whisperer

This conversation analysis tool uses AI to dissect your sales calls and meetings. It uncovers what’s working (and what’s not) so you can continuously improve your sales game.

Pricing: Contact for pricing

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