How to Supercharge Growth of Your Community Using Personalized Videos

personalized video for community managers

Companies with a strong community engagement strategy see a 20-30% increase in customer retention and revenue growth, says McKinsey!


The major roadblock, however, is that traditional community engagement tactics often fail to capture audience attention.


Since you, me, everyone, and their grandmothers crave individual experience, not being a number in a database. Hence, we quickly tune out generic messages that don’t speak directly to our specific interests, experiences, and motivations for community participation.


This is where video personalization at scale comes into play, offering community managers a powerful tool to connect with their members in a unique and impactful way.

The Rise of Real Video Personalization as a New Engagement Tactic

As highlighted by Gartner, personalization has become a key differentiator in customer experience, with 80% of consumers indicating that they are more likely to purchase a brand that offers personalized experiences.


However, manually creating personalized videos is simply not scalable. This is where AI-powered video personalization platforms like come in.


Video personalization at scale takes this concept further, allowing community managers to create millions of personalized videos with perfect voice and lip sync, all from a single recorded video.


These platforms enable community managers to efficiently deliver the tailored 1:1 experiences that today’s audiences crave. Below are 7 use cases with examples to put things into perspective: 



7 Ways Community Managers Can Use Video Personalization to Boost Engagement & Belongingness 


1. Personalized Welcome Videos

Set a warm tone by sending new community members a personalized welcome video featuring their name, background info from their profile, and a custom landing page. This creates an instant connection and sense of belonging.


Video Script Example: Imagine you manage a community for product managers. A new member named Jessica signs up. You can automatically send her a personalized welcome video:


“Hi, Jessica! <name> I’m excited to welcome you to the Product Crew community. As a seasoned product manager <job title> at Fintech Co. <company name>, I know you’ll bring many great insights to the group. Feel free to check out this personalized landing page with some special resources for you…”

<> in the scripts represents the variables that you can replace with AI and personalized for every prospect.

2. Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Content


Drive excitement by giving community members personalized sneak peeks at upcoming launches, events, or content tailored to their interests. This makes them feel like valued insiders.  


Video Script Example: For instance, you recorded a podcast episode and want to build some hype. Before each new episode launches, you can send personalized videos to members showcasing a 10-second clip related to the topics they care about most.


“Hey Ted <name>, you’re a big fan of our startup interview episodes. So we put together this exclusive sneak peek clip just for you from our interview with the founder of Allbirds <episode name>. The whole episode drops next Tuesday!”


3. Custom Celebration Videos


Increase loyalty and retention by automatically generating personalized celebration videos for member milestones like anniversaries, level-ups, etc. According to BCG, celebrating members increases engagement by 35%.


Video Script Example: For an online fitness community, you can automatically generate a personalized video for each member’s 1st anniversary:


“Wow, Lucy <Name>, can you believe it’s been a whole year already? We’re so grateful to have you as part of the Fit Fam community. Here’s a look back at your inspiring transformation over the past 12 months…keep up the amazing work!”


4. Feedback Requests

Rather than tedious text surveys, send personal video requests to gather rich qualitative feedback. Members will feel heard and be more inclined to respond when asked via personalized video.


Video Script Example: Let’s say you manage a community for marketers and want feedback on improving your events. You can send a quick personal video:


“Hey Jason <name>, as a top contributor, I’d love to get your feedback on how we can level up our in-person meetups. Here’s a 1-minute video with a few specific questions I’m hoping you can answer…”


5. In-Video CTAs


Boost conversion by directly embedding tailored CTAs like event registration, content downloads, or surveys into personal videos. The in-video CTA feels unique versus boilerplate.


Video Script Example: Let’s say you manage a customer community for a marketing software company. You can send members personal videos announcing a new feature launch walkthrough with an in-video CTA to register:  


“Hi Samantha <name>, we just rolled out a powerful new feature for optimizing social media ad spending based on your role as a paid social manager <job title>. Here’s a quick overview video walking through the key benefits. Be sure to register for the full walkthrough right here!”


6. Referral Incentives

Encourage advocacy by automatically thanking members for referrals with unique personalized incentive videos touting the value they provided and any rewards earned.


Video Script Example: For a professional networking community, when a member refers a friend who joins, they get a personal thank you video:


“Thanks so much for referring Samantha <Referral Name> to the Green Leads community, Linda! <referee name> Her experience at Acme Corp <Referral Company Name> is a perfect fit. As a token of appreciation, we’ve deposited 500 reward points into your account that can be redeemed for online courses or event tickets.”


7. Product Updates

Keep members updated on new features relevant to their usage or profile through personalized walkthrough videos. Make them feel like valued product partners. 

Video Script Example: For a customer community of an email marketing platform, when there’s a new feature launch, send personal walkthrough videos:


“Hi there, Cameron <name>; we just rolled out some great new automation tools based on feedback from power users like you. Here’s a quick personal video showing how the new autoresponder rules can save you tons of time on welcome campaigns…”


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