AI Personalized Video Marketing: The Future of Branding

AI Personalized Video Marketing

Imagine this, you receive a marketing email in your inbox. It hasn’t addressed you by name, it has a gimmicky headline that screams ‘sales,’ and the content seems way too general, as though someone mass-spammed a random list of leads. What’s your reaction?
Simple, you ignore it, right? Or if you’re someone like me, you’d probably delete the mail without even reading it.

Here’s another scenario. You receive another marketing email in your inbox. But unlike the first one, it addresses you by name, has a subject line tailored to grab your attention, and also has a special birthday discount voucher encouraging you to shop for your upcoming birthday.

Much better, right?

Let’s take that up a notch- the same company had their celebrity brand ambassador, leader or sales rep shoot a personalized video with the aforementioned, addressing you personally to take a certain call-to-action. Well now, the least you’re impelled to do is think twice about it. But that isn’t practical right? Having a celebrity, influencer, leader or sales rep make millions/thousands of videos for each user/prospect is physically and financially impossible. But what if it was?

What is personalized video marketing?

Ask any marketer, and they’ll tell you that video is the most effective marketing medium if used correctly. Videos work wonders, whether it’s engagement, brand awareness or conversions you’re looking for. In 2020, 92% of marketers claimed that videos are an important part of their marketing strategy, which grew from 78% in 2015.

But thanks to AI, video content can now be comprehensively personalized and natively distributed. By bringing hyper-personalization into video marketing, the scope of engagement and ROI increase several times, especially when brands spend millions on celebrity and influencer campaigns.
Personalized video marketing works because it connects with the viewer on a personal level, helping brands better capture a viewer’s attention. It’s also unique and innovative, unlike anything viewers have seen before — it delights, engages, delivers the message, and converts viewers at much higher rates than traditional videos. If done right, personalized videos can multiply engagement and conversion rates and maximize the impact of marketing campaigns.

This is why some of the biggest brands in the world like Samsung, Zomato, and MPL are witnessing incredible success with hyper-personalized video marketing campaigns using a super tool called

Here’s how they’ve gone about it.

A step-by-step guide to creating personalized video marketing

Before, brands could only make personalized text-based campaigns, inserting the name of the user in an email or SMS, or at best as a text graphic inside a video. With, the name of the user (and other variables) can be spoken out by the actor in the video via our state-of-the-art voice and lip-sync models, leading to much higher engagement, conversions, click-through-rates and brand recall for brands in their marketing campaigns.

1. Record a video

Record a video with any device. This can be anything from your laptop camera or the best pro equipment. Whether it’s a million-dollar celebrity ad campaign, a video of your CEO, or even a prospecting video of one of your sales reps, the possibilities are endless with’s video personalization tool. Once you’ve recorded the video you can upload it to’s dashboard.

2. Templatize the video using

You can then specify the portion of the video script that needs to be converted into dynamic variables such as name, location, discount, last ordered item or anything else you want. This can be in any language of your choice.

Submit the video and allow it to process. This could take a day or two. You will be notified once your custom video template is ready.

3. Share your campaign across any platform of your choosing

Upload a list of your customer data pertaining to the dynamic variables specified by you. For example, provide the list of your users’ names and their last ordered items for a video of your celebrity brand ambassador personally thanking each customer for buying a particular product. You can then integrate our platform with whichever channel you’d like to run your campaign across. Whether it’s email, SMS, social media, WhatsApp, pre-roll ads, IPTV, mobile apps, personalized checkout and landing pages, or anything brands require, integrates with it.

Once you’ve done this, all that’s required is to hit share and your hyper-personalized campaign will go live.

Where can you use personalized videos?

1. User Onboarding

Delight your users with a personalized video while onboarding them for the first time. A personalized approach will incentivize them to explore the platform further and prevent drop-offs by a large extent.

Here’s an example video that one of our clients made using our platform.

But guess what the name “Love Sharma” was never said by the megastar in the video! It was all done using our state-of-the-art generative AI technology

2. Personalized invitations

Delight your users with a personalized video while onboarding them for the first time. If you’re an event manager, you already know how people respond and react to personalized invitations. Imagine your celebrity brand ambassador or influencer personally calling users out by name and inviting them to the brand’s next big event, sale or even the launch of a smartphone.

Take the opportunity of personalized video marketing to invite customers to your next big occasion.


Here’s an example of how the biggest brands use AI to have their celebrity brand ambassadors personally invite users to the store closest to their GPS location. 


Yes, you heard that right! Superstar Alia Bhatt really did call out the name of the closest hole-in-the-wall smartphone store to the user on this YouTube ad without actually ever calling out the name of the store🤯


All using the power of our all-in-one end-to-end AI technology!   

3. Brand awareness campaigns

You can tell your brand story using personalized video marketing. Here is a recent example of’s hyper-personalized campaign for Zomato— the world’s largest AI-generated campaign in terms of distribution.

The company leveraged Myna’s AI technology to create this customized ad featuring Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan where he mentions a local restaurant’s name and dish that changes depending on the viewer’s GPS location! Incredible, right?


4. Sales emails

Personalized video marketing can help you capture more leads than normal sales emails. For example, for returning customers, you can capture data from their previous visits and personalize the video accordingly. You can ask first-time users about their needs/pain points and address them through your personalized videos. Or simply delight them by calling out their name and organization in the video!


Check out our post on personalized video email platforms and how to maximize your conversions using them!


Here’s an example of a brilliant use of generative AI-powered personalized videos for sales outreach:


5. Unlimited use cases

The state-of-the-art technology already has an exceptional product-market fit with brands like Samsung, Cadbury, TE Connectivity, EyeCare Partners, Zomato being repeat customers.


While has practically unlimited use cases, brands often use the technology to run brand awareness, user resurrection, cart abandonment, sales prospecting, and fan and employee engagement campaigns. Their campaigns have regularly proven to boost engagement by 10x, conversions and CTRs by 3-4x, maximize NPS scores, motivate employees and sky-rocket brand awareness and recall.


However, brands keep coming to us with never-before-seen use cases for our technology and we’re always ready to help them pioneer the newest hyper-viral marketing r sales campaign!  

Benefits of personalized video marketing campaigns

  1. Personalized marketing videos help you drastically increase conversions and sales.
  2. Trigger better engagement among inactive users.
  3. Increases the click-through rate.
  4. They perform a lot better than conventional videos in attracting, engaging, converting, and retaining customers.
  5. It’s a unique way to present yourself to a new audience, maximizing brand recall and top-of-mind awareness levels for brands.

Results from personalized video marketing campaigns

Here’s what the folks from Zomato had to say about the hyper-viral campaign they ran using our platform:


Hrithik Roshan Zomato ad - AI personalized video marketing campaign


Needless to say this ad created a lot of buzz in the community! Take a look.


Reaction to AI personalized video marketing campaign


MPL, the world’s largest esports and mobile gaming platform with over 90 million users worldwide, has also used to run multiple successful video personalization campaigns. The numbers don’t lie!


AI personalized video marketing campaign results


Create your personalized videos in minutes!


Want to create a similar custom video for your brand? Reach out to us today to explore the possibilities with Myna by!


You can also see’s state-of-the-art technology in action here!


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