10 Ways to Use Video Personalization to Drive Powerful Product Marketing

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Hola, product marketers! I know your mission is to captivate prospects and customers with compelling storytelling that sells the value of your solution.


Nevertheless, most product marketing still deploys content that fails to resonate on a personal level. Earlier there weren’t ways to deliver resonance and relevance at scale.


Video personalization at scale platforms brings human connections back into the marketing process. It’s the best way to crystallize your product value by telling stories hyper-tailored to each buyer’s goals and journey.


That’s why Savvy product marketers are turning to video personalization tools like A platform like empowers you to automatically generate millions of hyper-customized video variations that make each viewer feel like the campaign was crafted uniquely for them.


For product marketers, the benefits of leveraging video personalization go far beyond initial acquisition. Applied holistically from enablement to retention, key advantages include:

– More educated prospects accelerated through the funnel

– Higher customer onboarding, adoption, and activation rates

– Greater self-service usage unlocking lasting product value

– Increased renewal rates by reinforcing key personalized wins

– More referrals, reviews, and passionate customer advocates

Here are 10 compelling use cases for leveraging personalized video in product marketing:

1. Personalized Sales Enablement

Arm sales teams with personalized prospect/client-facing videos that position your product perfectly for each unique situation.

Example: “Hi Amanda, I know you’re evaluating CRM solutions for your growing sales team. I put together this quick video showing how Bizongo’s mobile app and offline deal management could be a game-changer based on your team’s frequent extended field travel…”  

2. Thought Leadership Outreach a

Share tailored insights and perspectives by sending personal video messages to targeted prospects highlighting relevant product tips and industry insights.

Example: “Matt, as a finance leader, I wanted to share a quick video insight around using AI to streamline CLM processes. Bizongo’s latest contract renewal module could be a perfect fit based on your recent Azure migration…”

3. In-Product Coaching

Guide users to unlock more product value through embedded personalized video tutorials and tips based on their usage patterns.

Example: “Welcome back to Bizongo, Michael! Since you’re leveraging our Advanced Segmentation Module heavily this quarter, I put together some personalized coaching videos to help you take things to the next level….”

4. Feature Release Videos

Educate customers on new releases by automatically generating personalized product videos tailored to each account’s goals and use cases.  

Example: “Hi Karen, with this quarter’s product release of our new supply chain insights dashboard, I couldn’t wait to share this video overview covering how Bizongo’s AI-powered visibility tools can support your team’s strategic sourcing initiatives.”

5. Renewal Nudges

Proactively mitigate churn by sending personalized renewal and expiration reminder videos highlighting key product value drivers.  

Example: “Robin, I know Bizongo’s cross-channel execution capabilities have been invaluable for your team this past year. Here’s a quick personalized video going over your key wins as your renewal comes up next quarter…”

6. Referral Outreach

Educate customers on new releases by automatically generating personalized product videos tailored to each account’s goals and use cases.  

Example: “Sandra, thanks so much for being such an incredible Bizongo partner over the past 3 years! Your creative use cases have been truly inspiring. I put together this quick personal video to see if you’re able to share any referral leads who could also benefit…”

7. Post-Purchase Customer Delight

Surprise new customers with personalized celebratory videos that make them feel like VIPs from Day 1 and drive lasting product affinity. 

Example: “Amanda, we’re absolutely thrilled to welcome you into the Bizongo family! Here’s a quick personalized video expressing how excited we are to partner with such an innovative health-tech disruptor like Nano Remedies.”

8. Testimonial Videos

Increase social proof by capturing personalized customer testimonial videos where advocates organically reference viewers’ shared industries, roles, or use cases.

Example: “Kai, your organization’s success accelerating product adoption with Accelerance’s powerful in-app guidance has been so inspiring! We’d really appreciate if you could share your story in this short personalized testimonial video request…”

9. Event Promotions & Follow-ups

Drive webinar and event attendance/follows ups with personalized videos customized for each prospect’s interests, product familiarity, and where they are in the buying journey.

Example: “Hi Michelle, I hope you’re staying healthy! I really enjoyed our recent chat about streamlining client onboarding workflows. Which is why you don’t want to miss our upcoming Ask the Experts webinar featuring a custom demo personalized just for you on using bots to automate QA testing…”

10. Product Launch Promotions

Build buzz and demand for new releases by automatically generating customized product launch videos tailored to each prospect’s specific needs and role.

Example: “Amanda, we’re stoked to give you an exclusive first look at Precog’s next big product launch – the Omni Data Cluster! As a valued customer, this personalized video just for you highlights the advanced AI analytics and unified data fabric capabilities your team’s smart fridge monitoring app could unlock in a big way…”

Parting Thoughts

Succinctly put, video personalization platforms transform how product marketers nurture customer relationships at scale. Personalized videos help product marketers find their blue ocean and distinguish their solutions in a sea of sameness. 


Product marketers can wield their platforms to cut through commoditization by showing how their product enhances lives and guide buyers through the sales journey narratives that specifically matter to them. 


It’s marketing that educates rather than sells.

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