10 AI Tools To Empower Your SDRs

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SDR outreach is undergoing an artificial intelligence revolution. As AI capabilities advance, leading sales teams are implementing these technologies to upgrade their SDR processes.


In this post, we’ll explore 10 cutting-edge AI tools that are transforming SDR workflows – and show how embracing them can accelerate prospecting.


From automating outreach to optimizing pitches, AI unlocks new opportunities across the SDR funnel. For sales leaders taking an AI-first approach, the possibilities to engage more prospects and supercharge productivity are game-changing. Let’s see how integrating the right AI can level up your SDR stack.

Gan․ai: Your Video Personalization Powerhouse leverages advanced AI to create customized prospect video messages at scale. SDRs can send tailored video emails and content to break through the noise.

Key Benefits:

  • Cut through the clutter with personalized video outreach
  • Drive higher engagement and response with tailored video content
  • Get prospect attention with personalized videos

Use case: An SDR team used to create hundreds of personalized product demo videos tailored to each prospect’s needs. The tailored video outreach increased responses by over 8X.

PersistIQ: AI-Powered Email and SMS Sequences

PersistIQ offers intelligent sequences to engage prospects via hyper-personalized multi-channel campaigns. The AI tailors messaging and timing for each recipient.

Key Benefits:

  • Break through the noise with personalized outreach
  • Maintain context across email, SMS, calls, and social
  • Save hours of manual sequence creation

Use case: An SDR team could use PersistIQ to orchestrate tailored email and SMS sequences. Response rates can increase by 4X following the AI rollout.

Gong Conversations: AI Conversation Analytics

Gong analyzes sales calls with advanced AI to uncover trends, patterns, and insights for improving SDR conversations. Teams get automated feedback for continuous improvement.

Key Benefits:

  • Identify top-performing conversation strategies in your team
  • Surface missed opportunities and areas for improvement
  • Get AI-powered coaching to level up conversations

Use case: A sales team can leverage Gong to benchmark their top SDRs’ call patterns. The AI will reveal how to better qualify prospects and improve conversion rates.

Chorus: AI-Powered Call Coaching uses AI to analyze sales calls and provide instant guidance to reps. SDRs get real-time alerts, tips, and suggestions during calls to improve interactions.

Key Benefits:

  • Make every conversation smarter with AI assistance
  • Shorten the learning curve with real-time coaching
  • Drive more successful call outcomes

Use case: An SDR could use Chorus to get in-call coaching during prospect calls. The AI can boost trainee performance by expediting feedback.

Outreach: AI-Optimized Sequences

Outreach offers AI capabilities to analyze historical data and design high-converting email sequence templates. SDRs can launch optimized sequences with one click.

Key Benefits:

  • Launch proven outreach sequences powered by AI
  • Eliminate guesswork and accelerate sequence creation
  • Continuously improve sequence performance over time

Use case: SDR teams can use Outreach to spin up AI-designed sequences aligned to their ideal customer playbook. The optimized sequences could improve connections by 19%.

LeadIQ: AI-Powered Lead Enrichment

LeadIQ enriches contact data with advanced AI that scrapes data sources to append complete profiles. SDRs get intel to personalize outreach and calls.

Key Benefits:

  • Uncover mobile numbers and email addresses in seconds
  • Append career changes, news mentions, and other insights
  • Personalize outreach with enriched lead data

Use case: Startup using LeadIQ get thousands of target company contacts. Having accurate, up-to-date data.

Datanyze: AI-Powered Technographic Data

Datanyze offers powerful technographic data and alerts to notify reps when accounts are researching or adopting solutions. SDRs can hyper-target outreach.

Key Benefits:

  • Get real-time alerts when target accounts signal intent
  • Hyper-target accounts using specific solutions
  • Personalize messaging with detailed technographic

Use case: Leverage Datanyze alerts to know when accounts are evaluating new solutions.

Clari: AI-Prioritized Opportunities

Clari applies AI to analyze customer signals and identify high-potential sales opportunities. SDRs get clarity on which leads to prioritize for outbound efforts.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate guesswork by focusing on qualified accounts
  • Align the SDR team on highest-potential targets
  • Continuously improve forecast accuracy with AI

Use case: A sales ops leader uses Clari to align their SDRs on ideal leads to pursue.

Insider: AI-Powered Sales Intelligence

Insider provides detailed firmographic intelligence on target accounts so SDRs can hyper-personalize messaging. The AI enriches limited intel with predictive firmographic data.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhance limited intel to build detailed ICP profiles
  • Get predictive insights like growth trends and technologies
  • Personalize pitches with expanded account context

Use case: Enterprise SDR teams use Insider to convert sparse prospect intel into complete ICP profiles.

Convin: AI-Generated Emails & Voicemails

Convin offers an AI assistant that creates hyper-personalized emails and voicemails tailored to each prospect. The AI handles follow-ups at scale while maintaining context.

Key Benefits:

  • Personalize every message while automating follow-ups
  • Craft compelling messages using AI assistance
  • Accelerate outreach cadence consistency by 10X

Use case: High-growth startup sales teams can utilize Convin to instantly generate hundreds of personalized emails that sounded human. Response rates climb over 15% when they are personalized.

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